Introducing Germany’s First Micro-Sukuk

A New Era of Shariah-Compliant Real Estate Financing

We are excited to share that a new article has been published on IFN Islamic Finance News, titled “What will the first micro-Sukuk in Germany look like?” by Ahmad Kamal Chenzaie

This engaging piece highlights the growing demand for Shariah-compliant financial products in Europe, home to approximately 26 million Muslims, and introduces SUKUUK – a trailblazing micro-Sukuk crowdfunding platform for Shariah-compliant real estate financing in Germany.

Created by the CEOs of INAIA, this platform aspires to provide an ethical, sustainable, and fair financial solution for Muslims in Germany and non-Muslims intrigued by Islamic finance. Adhering to the AAOIFI Shariah standards, SUKUUK presents crowd-investment opportunities in real estate through the diminishing Musharakah concept. The platform employs sophisticated algorithms and digital credibility approvals from independent organizations to guarantee investment in only the most creditworthy projects.

SUKUUK’s mission? To help people achieve their dreams and build a life brimming with pure and sustainable wealth, while offering investors a steady rental income in Germany’s robust market. Designed with accessibility and security in mind, the platform caters to ethical and sustainable investors looking for a fresh approach to real estate investments.

Curious to discover more about Germany’s pioneering micro-Sukuk and its impact on the Islamic finance landscape in Europe? Don’t wait – head over to the IFN Islamic Finance News website to read the full article!

This article was first published in IFN Volume 20 Issue 19 dated the 10th May 2023.

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