Islamic Fixed Income Securities

ethical, sustainable and security-oriented

An asset backed investment scheme with fixed income for institutional investors.

Crowd investing in real estate

ethical, sustainable and security-oriented

Invest from as little as €250 in carefully selected and pre-screened properties in Germany.

Investment in the stable German real estate market!

Discover the easy way to invest in German residential real estate

Invest in real estate with SUKUUK
interest-free fixed income without speculation

Investment in real values

Invest simply and securely in the attractive AAA-rated German real estate market—a sustainable solution for value-oriented investors.

Reliable yields

Outstanding rental income with optimal security, no registration fees, and no margin requirements. Investment repayments begin from the first month.

Optimal security

The objectively secured investments are managed in trust. There is no construction project risk, as investments are made only in existing properties.

Highest quality standards

All financing requests (credit assessment, real estate valuation) are neutrally and independently reviewed in cooperation with valued partners.

Digital and transparent

View a detailed, transparent overview of all transactions via the SUKUUK online dashboard, at any time and from anywhere.

Ethical and sustainable

Invest in residential real estate together and in solidarity to earn interest-free fixed income without speculation. SUKUUK contracts are certified by Minhaj Advisory (Shari‘ah pronouncement).

How does SUKUUK work for institutional investors?


Do you have specific preferences in rental yield, region, property type, share quote, score, or duration? On request, we will tailor our strategies to your individual needs.


You join with many others to invest solidly and sustainably in the stable value of the German housing market.


Your invested capital is continuously paid back. According to your investment shares, you will receive monthly rental income.

We act exclusively as an intermediary for the offered financial investments.

Investing in real estate together — SUKUUK makes it possible

Benefit from the market access and the long-standing expertise of our team. We examine every investment with the diligence of an institutional investor, and the investments are managed transparently by an independent trustee.

Our values

We work ethically and sustainably and place great importance on the ESG criteria.

Quality and safety

We work with market leaders and experienced service providers to meet our requirements.


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