The dream of your own four walls – financed in accordance with Islam and within reach

What makes the crowd platform SUKUUK so unique? SUKUUK brings private households – who want to finance their residential property – together with a large number of investors – who want to invest. Investors benefit from monthly rental income and repayments, and buyers acquire investor shares bit by bit – until they are rent-free. A credit institution or bank is not involved with SUKUUK. This ensures that there are no interest payments.

The SUKUUK team has had the desire to offer real estate financing for value-oriented people for many years. Real estate financing should follow the basic rules of ethical and sustainable financing – the Islamic finance criteria. SUKUUK real estate financing has already come a long way.



01. Start of data acquisition

The introduction of data acquisition served to record and structure the demand from prospective real estate buyers. All the data of the persons entered were summarized in an internal database and prepared for evaluation. Interested parties can still have their personal data and the data on the desired property entered in the data recording.

02. First evaluation

With the help of the data acquisition, it was possible to statistically evaluate the prospect data in order to ultimately structure an offer that met the demand.


03. Internal and external plausibility check of the results

The first mathematical evaluations of numbers with the support of external financial mathematicians made it possible to select and set up a sensible and sustainable system for real estate acquisition.

04. Classification of Prospect Data

Based on the data recording, a preliminary classification of the interested parties could be made. This made it possible to classify the registrations. The definition of interested parties and credit ratings, for example, play a central role here.

05. Development of an Islam-compliant financing instrument

With the consideration of tax law, economic law and Islamic law, an instrument was selected and developed that meets the demands of the market.

06. Statistical evaluation & completion of the concept

All statistical evaluations, projections and the final concept have been completed and submitted for external review. The scoring values ​​and evaluation indicators were quantified through the financial-mathematical extrapolation and elaboration.


07. Completion of the external examination

The legal review of the product launch was completed in winter 2016. The final offer design was determined and released for documentation.


08. Preparation of the final report to the financial supervisory authority

The final report for the tax authorities was created through strategic cooperation with the renowned law firm Bouchon & Partner. Contractually relevant documents for the introduction of Islam-compliant real estate financing are currently being developed.


09. Regulatory testing and Islam conformity testing

The completed concept of the Islam-compliant real estate purchase must be checked and approved from a legal point of view before it is released for practical implementation. In addition, the product, process and any contract content are checked by internationally recognized Islamic legal scholars for compliance with Islam.


10. Approval as an investment by BaFin and certification according to AAOIFI standards by Minhaj Advisory

BaFin has approved the SUKUUK concept. Minhaj Advisory has confirmed Islam conformity.


11. Technical implementation and development of the crowd platform

The IT team has started work on the crowd platform SUKUUK.


12. Commissioning a tax opinion

One of the big 4 tax offices in the world has examined the SUKUUK concept and prepared a tax opinion. The findings flow into the contract adjustment.


13. Preparation for the Beta Phase

The IT team is working intensively on the development of the crowd platform. As soon as the tax report is available, the beta phase can begin. The market launch is prepared with approval as an investment and certification of the financing concept. Each individual real estate financing requires the separate approval of an investment information sheet by the BaFin.

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