ethical, sustainable & safety oriented


Since SUKUUK is based on the principle of community.
Global justice and the principle of community, along with our ethical and religious principles, are pillars on which the SUKUUK platform is built.

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This foundation remains rock solid and promises healthy success and prosperity for all parties. With your investment in residential real estate, you earn solid rental income, free of interest (riba) and speculation. Build your own real estate portfolio and invest in more residential properties on a regular basis. We recommend you a wide range of real estate portfolio, in order to achieve an optimal return on a sustainable basis.


Since SUKUUK enables a fair and balanced distribution of profit and risk.
At SUKUUK you invest in a sustainable partnership. In line with the principles of Islamic finance, we focus on a fair business model for all parties involved.

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There are no late payment or compound interest charges, that disproportionately disadvantage the buyer or favor the investors. Your investment rent is the actual rental income, you receive for renting out your invested property. Until your investment is fully repaid, the risk of default is related to the rental payment. A concept that helps you to generate profits in a socially responsible way and with a clear conscience.


Since SUKUUK offers real tangible assets and attaches importance to the highest transparency.
SUKUUK is focused on high safety and quality standards. Prestigious and competent SUKUUK partners check the creditworthiness of the buyers and appraise the residential properties to be financed.

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You receive a neutral and independent assessment and a professional basis for decision-making. The SUKUUK online dashboard also offers you a transparent and detailed overview of all transactions at any time and from anywhere.

What ESG criteria can be found in SUKUUK?

The term “ESG” has established itself as the standard for sustainable investments. This abbreviation describes three sustainability-related subject areas of investments.


The E stands for the word “environment”. The environmental criteria includes climate, resource depletion, water and biodiversity. SUKUUK primarily finances existing properties, which avoids additional land sealing, preserves biodiversity and conserves resources. An energy certificate was prepared for each real estate investment. This indicates the energy consumption of the property. Low energy consumption has a positive impact on the SUKUUK score.


The S stands for the word “Social”. The social criteria include social commitment, diversity and occupational safety. SUKUUK has set itself the goal, of establishing new standards in real estate financing. At SUKUUK, real economy is being practiced because the real estate with its rental income is at the center of the value chain. Thus, the basis of financing is NOT the interest rate on money (riba). One reason for the social gap between rich and poor is interest and compound interest. Thanks to the foundation of the real economy, investors receive a sustainably attainable rent and buyers get to their own homes step by step. SUKUUK crowdinvestments are based on the principles of Islamic Finance. These are in line with the social criteria. Thus, the financing of weapons, gambling, prostitution and drugs does NOT take place. These areas are harmful to society and destroy families. At SUKUUK, we lead the crowdfunding industry with the standards we establish.


The G stands for the word “governance”. Part of sustainable corporate governance includes corporate values, compliance, risk and reputation management. SUKUUK’s corporate values are ethical, sustainable and safety-oriented. SUKUUK is a crowd platform where investors jointly invest in residential real estate. The investment will enable the buyer to purchase their own home. In doing so, SUKUUK cooperates with renowned partners in order to, for example, check the creditworthiness of the customers and assess the market value of the real estate. The investor will enjoy a transparent real estate investment and will be able to handle the whole process securely and digitally. SUKUUK’s financing process has been reviewed and found to be in compliance with Islam, therefore there are no interest payments and no socially incompatible monetary transactions. For the utmost security in our payment transactions, we have a Bafin-certified payment institution at our side. The creditworthiness of buyers is checked by independent providers. Thee market value of the property is determined by certified appraisers. SUKUUK maintains direct contact with the customer and offers the highest level of service.

How does the future look for SUKUUK?

Crowd platform SUKUUK (P2P finance) is launching ethical, sustainable and security-oriented crowdfunding of residential real estate in Germany. More countries are gradually being added to the platform so that more people can finance their dream property according to the SUKUUK principle.

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In order for society to prosper, we need people who are entrepreneurial, sell sustainable products and create jobs. These people need capital, to implement their ideas. Using SUKUUK, we also plan to provide these people with the new way of equity crowdfunding – with startup financing.

SUKUUK plans to bring the following areas to the platform in the long term: Commercial financing, new construction financing, startup financing, financing of social projects, financing of the socially disadvantaged via Zakat (donations) and much more.

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