Our vision

is to empower individuals to build a life of pure and sustainable wealth.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to create financial stability and independence, and we are committed to making that vision a reality.

Through our innovative financing solutions and cutting-edge technology, we strive to make the process of achieving financial goals simpler, more transparent, and more accessible than ever before.

Our mission

is to build a bridge between homebuyers who seek ethical, sustainable and transparent financing with investors who want to invest securely in real estate and receive rental income.

We use today’s technologies of digital networking and automatisation to innovate financial intermediation. Our innovation is the micro-sukuk for individual investors.

Our Values


since SUKUUK enables a fair and balanced distribution of profit and risk.


since SUKUUK is based on the principle of community.


since SUKUUK ofers real tangible assets and attaches importance to the highest transparency.

What we do …

At SUKUUK, we enable people in Germany to finance their dream property through micro-sukuk investments with our SUKUUK crowd platform. Using digital networking, we are able to reach a large number of investors worldwide who are interested in investing security-oriented in residential properties. Investors can start with a one-time payment of just €250 and receive a monthly rental income for their investment, with regular repayments.

Our real estate financing is based on the musharaka contract model, which guarantees a fair distribution of opportunities and risks – ethically and sustainably. Homebuyers receive real estate financing that conforms to Islamic principles, while investors receive an investment that aligns with their beliefs and expectations, creating a win-win situation for both parties.

We use our online application process to determine the appropriate market value for the property and the rent that is customary in the location. Investors receive their rental income transparently and in line with the market, while our automated and digitized processes reduce administrative effort and minimize subjective financial decisions, offering our customers an optimal cost-income structure.

How does the future look for SUKUUK?

Crowd platform SUKUUK (P2P finance) is launching ethical, sustainable and security-oriented crowdfunding of residential real estate in Germany. Gradually, more countries will be added to the platform so that more people can finance their dream property according to the SUKUUK principle.

In order for society to prosper, we need people who are entrepreneurial, ofer sustainable solutions and create jobs. These people need capital, to implement their ideas. Using SUKUUK, we also plan to provide these people with the new way of equity crowdfunding – with startup financing.

In the long term, SUKUUK plans to bring the following areas to the platform:
Commercial financing, new construction financing, startup financing, financing of social projects, financing of the socially disadvantaged via Zakat (donations) and much more.

You make it possible!

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