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At SUKUUK, we pay great attention to the security of our processes, from the first contact to the successful fulfillment of the contract. The buyers and the investors enjoy a high level of professionalism from a strong network. We work with market leaders and experienced service providers, to meet our requirements.


Independent and neutral payment processing with Secupay
As the largest owner-managed payment institute approved by BaFin, Secupay has stood for secure and individual payment processing for 20 years.

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As an independent and neutral payment processor, Secupay thus guarantees security for earmarked payments and transactions, especially when processing crowd financing and investments.


Credit rating from Boniversum
Boniversum is a nationwide data analyst for personal credit information. Thanks to the upstream credit checks, bad debts are reduced to a minimum.

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Boniversum’s core business is the secure handling of data and its meaningful interpretation. They do this with personal commitment, the highest analytical competence and the latest technology – and of course always within the framework of the legal requirements. Boniversum belongs to the Creditreform Group, which has over 4,100 employees worldwide.


Islam Conformity Check by Minhaj Advisory
Minhaj Advisory is at the forefront of Islamic finance, with headquarters in Dubai and a global presence, providing end-to-end Shariah solutions.

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The independent consulting institute puts its extensive expertise at the service of the global Islamic financial landscape. As a competent and experienced consulting company, Minhaj supports companies in the development and implementation of Islam-compliant services. Minhaj Advisory is a strategic partner of the AAOIFI and CIBAFI.


Persch Consult appraisals for every property
Persch Consult is an independent real estate consulting company with a focus on real estate valuations.

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Compliance with all quality and security requirements when creating formal and informal valuations is guaranteed. Persch Consult is certified by RICS, HypZert and TÜV Austria.


Independent and statistical real estate data determination
on-geo GmbH is Germany’s market leader for data and services related to real estate valuations.

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More than 95 percent of all German banks and savings banks use on-geo solutions. Over 1.5 million real estate appraisals are created annually via the on-geo appraisal platform. In the on-geo geodata shop, around 160,000 land registers, maps and market and geodata relating to the property are called up every month and more than 300,000 property inspections per year are commissioned and processed.

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